Books on Preaching

As a pastor it would be a given that I am very interested in the topic of preaching.  Actually, that has not always been the case, but it is certainly now.  Because of that interest, I enjoy reading books on preaching.  I certainly have not read an exhaustive amount of books on the topic, but I did want to write about the three that have influenced me the most:

#3- “Preaching and Preachers” by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This is a classic work done by “the Dr.”.  This book was fundamental in my own development as a pastor.  I had often struggled with feelings of acceptance in what I knew pastors to be. I don’t usually fit or feel comfortable at your typical pastor’s conference.  Llyod-Jones  spoke to my soul.  What he was writing about…I felt, and it helped cement my own calling to preach.

#2- Preaching for God’s Glory by Alistair Begg

That whole not fitting in at most pastor’s conference thing was quickly remedied when I first went to one of Alistair’s Basics conferences. At his conference I felt like I was at home. Admittedly, Alistair is my favorite preacher to listen to, and I’m a little biased.  This short little book is filled with preaching gold. He talks about the desperate need, and sad lack of expository preaching in pulpits today.  He defines expository preaching as preaching that centers on a text of Scripture and not a topic.  It is text driven, and as he quotes in the book from John Stott…”it is our conviction that all true Christian preaching is expository preaching.”

#1- “Famine in the Land” by Steven J. Lawson’
This book was instrumental in helping to form my convictions on preaching early on in my ministry.  Lawson, like Begg, goes to great lengths to show the desperate need for true expository preaching, and the great danger of  forsaking it.  Lawson cleverly extols the need for expository preaching by writing expositorily in the book.  He shows from the Scriptures why the church needs the Word proclaimed to them faithfully.

Honorable mention: “Between Two Worlds” by John Stott and “The Supremacy of God in Preaching” by John Piper

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