Dispensers of Grace

There was a line out of a puritan prayer that is found in “The Valley of Vision” that grabbed my attention.  The line is this: “Help me to be in reality before thee…a dispenser as well as a partaker of grace.”  That line has stuck with me and has really helped me to think about the need of  being Gospel-centered in my daily life.  I have received such undeserved, unnatural grace from God through Jesus, and as part of being a partaker of this amazing grace, it is my duty is to give that grace to others.
This line of thought has been further stoked by Joe Thorn’s excellent little book “Note to Self“.  This is a book of solid, daily, Gospel-centered reflections. In an entry titled, “Sow Grace”, Thorn writes:

The people around you, especially those who are unfriendly or even cross, need grace. Consider how you often give what you think is justice– that is, what you think people deserve.  You tip less for bad service, ignore people who have snubbed you, or sigh and roll your eyes at the person taking up too much space at the coffee house. You may not be doing evil, but you are not doing good.

Ask yourself, “Am I known as a person of grace or a person of karma? Do people see in me the principle of ‘you get what you deserve,’ or ‘what goes around comes around?” If this is true of you, then people won’t see Christ in you but will get a good dose of false religion. Such principles are already commonly understood in our culture, but the gospel principle of giving the good  another does not deserve– that is different.

Are we only partaking of God’s grace through Jesus, or are we giving it out too?


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