Awful Preaching

I am still making my way through Arnold Dallimore’s magisterial two volume biography on George Whitefield. A study of Whitefield’s life and preaching quickly makes one feel like a preaching impostor. The Lord used this man in undeniable and powerful ways. I was struck by one testimony of his preaching during one occasion by Lady Huntingdon. She said:

“Mr Whitefield’s sermons and exhortations were close, searching, experimental, awful and awakening…His discourses in the neighboring churches  were attended with power from on high, and the kingdom of darkness trembled before the Gospel of Christ.”

May this type of “awful” preaching be used by God today today. May the Gospel of Jesus be proclaimed in such a way that the kingdom of darkness will tremble.
If you have never read Dallimore’s work I can’t recommend it enough. It should be required reading for all pastors.


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