The *Forever* Wonder of the Gospel

Things get old fast. We get so excited about things in this world, but nothing ever really seems to hold our wonder or excitement. We crave gadgets, cars, houses, spouses, children, and all manner of other things. These are good things that do satisfy for a time, but they all eventually lose that same awe and wonder that they once created in our hearts.

I have found there is an exemption to this common reality. The exception is the Gospel of Jesus.  The gospel never gets old to me. The more I ponder the truth of what God has done for me in Jesus, the more amazed and “awed”, I find myself to be.

I think this corresponds to Jared Wilson’s writing about “Gospel Wakefulness“, or as I like to think of it, getting hit over the head with the *Gospel Hammer*.

 I got hit by that hammer again tonight. I was reading Tim Keller’s book “Counterfeit Gods“, which brought a gospel thought to my mind.  The fall of mankind in Genesis 3 came as a result of Adam and Eve desiring to become God (Genesis 3:5). Because Adam and Eve desired to become God, all humans have suffered the consequence of being born in sin and must suffer the consequences of our sins. 
The Gospel Hammer hit me when I realized that the solution to our sin problem was for God to lower Himself to become man. In Jesus’ humility, He came to earth, He condescended to our space and died for us (Philippians 2:6-10). 

The problem: Man wanting to become God. 
The solution: God becoming man.
Maybe that is not all that insightful, but it made me stop and wonder.  The Gospel never gets old.

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