Gospel Fail

One of the most disgusting and sad things that you could ever see is when a church or pastor completely forgets the Gospel message that they are charged to proclaim and protect.

One such clear example of that recently took place in a North Carolina pulpit. This incident centered on the controversial topic of homosexuality. This message is disturbing and sad. This pastor should be removed from his pulpit.

Why is it so hard for Christians to remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus when it comes to these issues. It seems that people only swing from extreme to the other. 
But if we remain faithful to the Gospel, we can confidently affirm the fact that, yes, homosexuality is a sin. But so is adultery, pornography, and self-righteousness (just to name a few). All sins and sinners need the healing forgiveness of Jesus. Only Jesus never leaves people in their sin, or comfortable in their sinning (John 8:11).

Gospel Truth
In order to get the bad taste of the first video out of your mouth, please watch this powerful video of Matt Chandler, who gets the Gospel right.


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