Preach Your Text!

I have been reading through Charles Spurgeon’s “Lectures to My Students”. It is a veritable gold mine of pastoral insight. The hardest part of reading through these lectures is trying to figure out what not to highlight and quote. Here is one portion that I could keep from sharing. 
The Prince of Preachers is writing about the importance of actually preaching our given text of Scripture and not just using a text as a launching pad to our own brilliant insights.

“Some brethren have done with their text as soon as they have read it. Having paid all due honour to that particular passage by announcing it, they feel no necessity further to refer to it. They touch their hats, as it were, to that part of Scripture, and pass on to fresh fields and pastures new. Why do such men take on texts at all? Why limit their own glorious liberty? Why make Scripture a horsing-block by which to mount upon their unbridled Pegasus? Surely the words of inspiration were never meant to be boot-hooks to help a Talkative to draw on his seven-leagued boots in which to leap from pole to pole.”


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