Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

Occasionally the question, ‘Did Jesus preach the Gospel?’, or ‘Did He preach the same Gospel as Paul?’ pops up. I’m always curious why so many see Paul’s ministry so far removed from Christ’s. Paul is treated by some as a grace-fueled vigilante who tried to personally redefine Jesus’ life, ministry, and message. This misses the important point that Paul was personally commissioned by Jesus (Acts 9:4-6).

The Bible is a united and cohesive book. That which might be expressed vaguely, but definitively in the gospels, is fleshed out in the writings of Paul. All Scripture comes from God and He gave us a complete book that does not lack anything that we need for salvation and godliness. It certainly does not send mixed messages.

The Gospel Coalition just posted a new video of Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper tackling this very topic. I could listen to these three guys talk all day.


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