Going Deeper


I am a big proponent of pastors striving to take their churches deeper. There is much wading in the shallow waters of the faith happening in our churches. But what does going deeper mean?

Jared Wilson in his book Gospel Deeps gives an outstanding answer to that question. When asked by a supervising pastor about what “going deeper” meant, Wilson writes the following:

The problem is that we think we know what deep is. We think “going deep” means studying the end times or the Calvinism/ Arminianism debate. We think that deeper teaching means less application or more application. We think it means digging into the original languages and getting at the root of the root of the root.“What does ‘deep’ mean?” our pastor asked me. I was the ministry’s teacher, after all.

     I said, “Deep means Jesus.”                                                                               I’m afraid there weren’t many in the room who understood that, even after I explained that every teaching ought to center on or highlight Jesus, and that this could never get old or stale because Jesus can’t be boring. There’s too much of him. And not only is Jesus the person we’re supposed to be most interested in, he happens to be the most interesting person in the universe anyway.        -Jared Wilson, Gospel Deeps (page 44)



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