Learning to Love Grammar


Grammar is not the most exciting subject in the world. However, anyone who is sincerely interested in studying the Word of God should care about words, phrases, and syntax. I came across this important quote from John Piper on the subject which should motivate Christians to care more about grammar.

“An evangelical believes that God humbled himself not only in the incarnation of the Son, but also in the
inspiration of the Scriptures. The manger and the cross
were not sensational. Neither are grammar and syntax. But that is how God chose to reveal himself. A poor Jewish peasant and a prepositional phrase have this in common; they are both human and both ordinary. That the poor peasant was God and prepositional phrase is the Word of God does not change this fact. Therefore, if God humbled himself to take on human flesh and to speak human language, woe to us if we arrogantly presume to ignore the humanity of Christ and the grammar of Scripture.”

-John Piper, Biblical Exegesis


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