Temples of God

The Bible teaches a staggering truth about the dwelling place of God. For those who are united to Jesus by faith, God lives in them.  The very thought of this should cause us to worship and wonder.

Drew Dyck has written an excellent book entitled Yawning at Tigers: You Can’t Tame God, So Stop Trying. He addresses the amazing reality of God residing in us with a liberating perspective.

yawningattigersIt sounds grandiose, I know. The dwelling place of the Lord Almighty. Imagine what we’d think of someone who listed that on his or her resume. At the the same time it seems too simple. Most of us would prefer to be handed a spiritual to-do list. If I can maximize my good deeds and minimize my sins, then I’ll be okay with God. It might be hard, but at least it’s tangible. There’s no ambiguity. With enough grit and determination, I can get there. I can do something. But being a dwelling place is a passive enterprise. It means simply welcoming God into your life, that you’re a vessel for his presence. Yet that’s also what makes it so freeing. It secures your identity. Being God’s dwelling place means your worth isn’t tied up in what people think about you. Instead of scrambling to collect achievements and accolades, you’re able to rest in the fact that you’re a temple. And a temple doesn’t have to do anything; a temple just is.

       You’re never going to be perfect, but you don’t have to be. A temple that’s a little broken down or faded on the outside is still a temple, if God’s presence is there. His presence in you is what matters most. Just be sure the curtain is down, that there is nothing partitioning God’s presence from other parts of your life. Remember, the torn curtain in the temple doesn’t erase God’s holiness; it lets his holiness out. He wants to do the same in your life. He desires to remove whatever comes between you and him. He longs to dwell in you and make your whole life holy.


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