The People of the Book

Christians should love the Old Testament. Unfortunately, some do not. Some believers view the Old Testament as antiquated and hard to understand. We mistakingly believe it is only a book for the nation of Israel and not the church of Jesus.

The New Testament disagrees with this assessment. The New Testament declares the Old Testament to be Christian Scripture.

lovingoldtestblogAlec Motyer makes the point well:

How wonderfully important this is! The Old Testament is not something that we try to accommodate ourselves to as though it were an alien book, belonging to somebody else and only ours at second hand. It is our book. In the persons of our ancestors we were at the Passover. The lamb was slain for us. We sheltered under the blood. We came out of Egypt. We are the inheritors of the promises of God. The Old Testament is not an alien country. It is not somebody else’s property. It is our property. We, because we belong to Jesus, are the Israel of God.

For a short, great read on the subject, check out A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament, by Alec Motyer.


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