The Wonder of the Incarnation


Tim Keller has written a great book that meditates on the meaning of Christmas, titled Hidden Christmas.  In it, he ponders the significance of God taking on human flesh.

In 1961 the Russians put the first man into space, Yuri Gagarin.Nikita Khruschev was the Russian premier, and he said that when Gagarin went into space, the cosmonaut discovered that there was no God there. In response, C.S. Lewis wrote an article, ‘The Seeing Eye.’ Lewis said if there is a God who created us, we could not discover him by going up in the air. God would not relate to human beings the way a man on the second floor relates to a man on the first floor.He would relate to us the way Shakespeare relates to Hamlet. Shakespeare is the creator of Hamlet’s world and of Hamlet himself.Hamlet can know about Shakespeare only if the author reveals information about himself in the play.So too the only way to know about God is if God has revealed Himself.
The claim of Christmas is infinitely more wonderful than that. God did not merely write us ‘information’ about Himself;
He wrote Himself into the drama of history. He came into our world as Jesus Christ to save us, to die for us.

For a great book that unearths the wonder of Christmas check out Keller’s Hidden Christmas here


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