On Luther & Calvin

Michael Reeves has provided a wonderful work on the Protestant Reformation for Christians to learn from and enjoy. The Unquenchable Flame is an easy-to-read, page turner in which Reeves writes with great skill and wit. I especially love this paragraph which describes the differences (and similarities)of Martin Luther and John Calvin, two of the great heroes of […]

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The People of the Book

Christians should love the Old Testament. Unfortunately, some do not. Some believers view the Old Testament as antiquated and hard to understand. We mistakingly believe it is only a book for the nation of Israel and not the church of Jesus. The New Testament disagrees with this assessment. The New Testament declares the Old Testament to be Christian Scripture. […]

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Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

Sometimes people wonder, “Why pray if God is sovereign?” If God rules everything, what difference can our prayers actually make? Tim Keller provides an interesting take on this question in his book, Prayer.  Why call this a “practical” mystery? The teaching is that our prayers matter––”we have not because we ask not” ––and yet God’s […]

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Praying the Bible -A Book Review

Are you bad at praying? I’m guessing most Christians think they are. There is another question we are afraid to answer. Do you find prayer boring? I have read books on prayer that were encouraging, inspiring, but mostly convicting. I have heard sermons that reinforced in my heart how central prayer is to the life […]

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A Prayer of Illumination

The Bible reveals that in order for man to truly understand the Scriptures, we need divine illumination (1 Cor 2). It is the Holy Spirit who works in our minds to help us to grasp God’s truth. Since this is true, it is important that we approach the Bible prayerfully. Robert Plummer in his very […]

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Don’t Forget

Preaching the gospel to ourselves is an important daily practice that Christians should adopt. Why is it so important? The reason is because we are so quick to forget. As humans with sin natures, we are prone to veer off the tracks of our faith. We forget about the amazing salvation that we have been […]

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